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Using a contactor with a Powermesh switch

When wiring a Powermesh Multi Purpose switch ( PMMPSxxx) to a contactor, the use of an RC Suppressor module is highly recommended as a safeguard. The RC Suppressor will normalise current spikes and maintain a more stable voltage level that can be caused by these inductive loads which could potentially damage the switch.

Please note this product is not DIY! Installation must only be installed by a LICENSED ELECTRICIAN to local wiring regulations. Failure to follow these instructions can result in serious injury or death.

Typical Wiring Schematic

Recommended application
The R-C snubber suppressor should be applied as below, i.e. install across the coil of the contactor.

Contactors Tested with Powermesh Switches 

The table below lists 5 common contactors that have been tested with the Powermesh switch range. Using the NHP or ABB models listed below do not require the addition of the RC Suppressor. 

Item No.BrandPart No.Amp Rating / No. of Poles / Requres External RC Suprressor?
1HagerESC12525A / 1 / YES
2HagerESC24040A / 2 / YES
3Clipsal4CNT4-4040A / 4 / YES
4NHP TerasakiCTX4040230U40A / 4 / NO
5ABBESB40-4040A / 4 / NO

Tested RC suppressors 

The Table below lists 2 suitable RC suppressors that have been tested with the Powermesh switch range 

Part DescriptionR-C Snubber Inductive Load Suppressor
ManufacturerOkaya Electric America Inc
Part No.XEB0471
R Value47 ohms
C Value0.1uf
Connection Typeflylead
Unit Cost~$20

Part DescriptionR-C Mains Protector
BrandRS Components
Part No.RS240-393
R Value100 ohms
C Value0.1uf
Connection TypeDIN rail
Unit Cost~$20

Updated on: 24/05/2023

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