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Recommendations for using Powermesh Switches with Inductive loads

When wiring a Powermesh Multi Purpose switch ( PMMPSxxx) to an inductive load such as an exhaust fan, contactor, etc., the use of an RC Suppressor module is highly recommended as a safeguard. The RC Suppressor will normalise current spikes and maintain a more stable voltage level that can be caused by these inductive loads which could potentially damage the switch .

Please note this is NOT DIY and installation must be carried out by a LICENSED ELECTRICIAN to local wiring regulations. Failure to follow these instructions can result in serious injury or death

Wiring Instructions:

Wire the suppressor module to the desired switch circuit channel behind the switch as per the diagram below.

Suppressor modules recommended:

Okaya part no. XEB0471
RS Components part no. RS240-393.


Part DescriptionR-C Snubber Inductive Load Suppressor
ManufacturerOkaya Electric America Inc
Part No.XEB0471
R Value47 ohms
C Value0.1uf
Connection Typeflylead
Unit Cost~$20


Part DescriptionR-C Mains Protector
BrandRS Components
Part No.RS240-393
R Value100 ohms
C Value0.1uf
Connection TypeDIN rail
Unit Cost~$20

Updated on: 24/05/2023

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