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How do I set up a Google routine which includes fans and my garage door?

At the moment the Google Home app doesn't recognise fan controllers or garage controllers. Follow the instructions below which will allow you to include these devices in your routines.

1) In the Google Home app select Routines then select the + button down the bottom.

2) After giving the Routine a name and creating the voice command (example: "I'm home"), select Add action.

3) Select the option Try adding your own and create your own action. For example, "Turn fan on in dining room"

4) After reviewing your Routine, select Save to create the Routine.

For this Routine when you say "Hey Google, I'm home" the following actions will occur.
The bedroom, kitchen and hallway light will turn on.
The fan in the dining room will also turn on.

You can also include a custom action for your garage door ("Hey Google, open the garage door").

Updated on: 25/05/2023

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